Latest stuff, as of December 2014;-

Cryogenic Vapour Locomotive. Patent Simulacrum .

Conceptual art-work via a series of computer-graphic prints as a means of putting (the confidential material from) my post-carbon land-transportation options for Australia research into the public-domain (and safe from the patent-trolls). The seven years of background research (what problems does Australian transportation face in a Post-Carbon world) that led to the CryoVapourLoco options are on the web at

Pitch-Kleur a Quest to Map Pitch to Visuals

Claridad semántica de dominio Música Visual. A Spanish translation of the [Lumina] Vizsic Semantic Fusion page.

Other stuff;-

Post-Carbon Australian Options for Railway Locomotives

The double-whammy of Peak Oil with Climate Change pose complex intertwined challenges for Modern Transportation into and beyond the 21st Century. After a little historical background, then an in-depth technical examination of railway locomotives, a collection of somewhat innovative proposal are outlined (including mud-maps for further investigation, construction, testing thence commercial production and deployment).


Photos of the sculptures I have completed over the past year or so:-
"The Demise of the Cognoscenti at the Anti-Rosetta"
"Plutonium Tsunami"

Absolute Kinegraphic Notation System 2.2 ©.
This latest version { Superseding ALL Previous Versions} of the AKNS documentation with many enhancements has been reordered, reflecting a more rigorous,efficient while conversely elaborate notation system.
The AKNS is to the understanding of movement and space, what the invention of the musical score was for the notation of the harmony and rhythm of sound.

For the last few years I have spent a large chunk of my energy thinking about the Peak Oil issue. Unlike Global Warming which gets begrudging acknowledgement as a serious world-wide challenge, the frightening implications of Peak Oil seem only to be exercising the minds of energy industry executives. While energy markets are behaving strangely the looming end of abundant cheap oil is being frantically deigned, so those in the know can secure their positions before before everybody else wakes up to their dirty big secrete. Written a lot with other friends on Rupert Edward's No-New Oil pages.

Stills from along with the stories behind and stories of, my films & videos the first computer graphic 'Art Film' created in Australia "Spiders" © 1996 (9 minutes), then
"Symbolist Daydream" © 1977-78 (10 minutes),

Pursuing my long term Vizsic aims, I've taken up a spot of musical composition. All these Midi sketches are in 5/4 time, with many not coming to any sort of final conclusion as they are intended to loop indefinitely in a Vizsic work;-- A04Z14.mid, A07Z06.mid
( as used in "Sket01" ), A13Z08.mid, A15X06.mid ( starting point for current work in progress )

" Beware, The Grass " (6 June 2003) complicated virtual world. For the sake of the exercise did it exclusively using Spazz3D, primarily to explore the depth of this great vrml authoring tool.

{ If you are unfamiliar with the Virtual Reality Modelling Language (vrml)
check-out the explanatory
notes first.}

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