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    The  crimson flow of love trickled down, diluted by the haughtiness of the  bourgeois, debased by the arrogance of imperialist regimes, 'twas a  Messianic message for an eschatological time.
    Politicians debated, economists balanced, Conservatives clung, Terrorist bombed Scientist dreamed as Conservationist screamed.
    Nuclear Brinkmanship for an Apocalyptic Age. Blasphemies of creation were the Mushroom clouds of Insanity that nearly annihilated the miserable  breed Homosapiens.
    For now in the Dark Ages of the 33rd Century an ignominious race of  technological barbarians are paused to spread their obscenity across the galaxy These vile creatures are reading a new Hyperspace drive in  preparation for yet another fling at infamy.

     "Study hard, and get a good  job" They used to say so you study hard, get distinctions, honours, highly  commendeds, and qualify yourself right out of a job into unemployment  "Ah! Sorry you are too qualified for us Blab, Blab, Blab" They would say
     "Too Qualified!" What a joke, me with every letter possible after a degree in Ethereal Physics, they never got past the subatomic stuff in their day. More likely we feel positively threatened by smart graduates, and we don't want to loose our cosy jobs and six months annual leave.
     Then just when I've settled down. This jerk from the bureaucracy ambles in and trys to engage my enthusiasm, with a job so secret he doesn't know  what it is. Did I do Ethereal Physics?
     What a classically dumb question that was. All the computers knew, but  I suppose the bureaucrats didn't want to tax their brains too much by  looking. I should have realized something was wrong.
     But stupid said "Yes" didn't she! and now she is a Guinea-pig in this experimental 'Hyperspace-Jump-Ship'. O'k well no use whining, what is  done is done. So now for 'Humankind' and the Empire, lets get this crate  of a ship on it's merry way. Sickening really isn't it.
     Morone give us those numbers. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Bingo!
     What is Hyperspace anyway? I ask myself. Oh! It all looks good on paper.  Universes of positive and negative curvature and absolutely nothing in  between the curves. Not like ordinary space, they used to think there was Nothing there Either! Except Dust and Light, and we must not forget  Gravity, (lots of that), Twist the nothingness vacuum of Space in curves. "E = mc2, g = am" Now where was I? Positive, negatives curves, all quite simple it seems. All I've got to do is accelerate this crate to nearly  the speed of light and hit a wormhole of negative curvature as the computer winds the spacewarp up to full. That shouldn't be too hard now should  it ?!

Velocity Morone? V=.5c and rising Wormhole Trajectory Search Commenced.

Who are you? Wither  you go? What is your quest?

What do you mean "Who am I ?"
    Who or What are you? and Where are you from?

The voice  of ages past, The voice crying in the wilderness. The wilderness of time and space the voice crying for the past.

Leave me alone you silly old man, I haven't got all day to listen to your ravings. I am for Now,! Humankind and "The Empire!"

Bravado! Arrogance of imperialist scum. Your breed  has already killed the Jewel of creation, for debased motives, now you wish too spread your vileness across both space and time!

I don't care what you are. Get out of my way Flamin' way or I'll blast you into your precious history ........
Morone! Aim the heat hunting Torpedo and get rid of that pessimistic Ghost. He should have been dead years ago.

I cannot allow this nor will I allow it! Your blood  be on your own head!

Morone, Fire! No! He's vanished  and I'm the Hottest thing in light years of those Torpedoes!

The voice cries
    "Before the reaper's blade come, leap  !"

T, T, T, Ta  Ta
T, T, T, Ta Ta
T, T, T, Tar ............

Morone, Fire! No! Ahhaarrrrrrr.
Boo. Poff. Ahh?

Ha! Ha! Har!
     Morone turn this crate around, Let us forget the Empire, and to a sowing for the Messianic Message in this Apocalyptic age "Before the reaper's blade come, leap ! The Crimson flow of Love trickles down."


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