Broadly speaking 'Virtual Reality' (VR) comes in two major types;- The goggled up immersive, or the behind the looking-glass world. Back in 2005 when many of these worlds were created VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling Language) was the only mature, open, international standard, description language for virtual reality. For well over a decade VRML was successfully employed in both immersive and screen-based scenarios, across many different  computing platforms. Following the XML moment VRML evolved into the more flexible robust X3D standard.

The pictures immediately below are screen capture from some small VRML sketches and larger virtual worlds. Once you have a VRML viewer (loaded on your computer) clicking on the image will load that virtual world. If you have a modern web-browser it is extremly unlikely that it automatically support VRML. The best quality VRML rendering engine for my worlds is the Cortona3D Viewer.

Note: By default 'Colision Detection' is set at off such that you can walk through things. To fix this, click the Right mouse-button anywhere in your viewport. That will pop-up the options menu. Left mouse click-on 'Preferences..' then Left mouse click-on 'Navigation', Left click-on drop-down selection under heading 'Colision detection:' Left click-on 'Always'. Then Left click-on the button at the bottom of the Preferences window labled Apply, then Left click-on the button labled OK.

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virtual world sketches

This "Zepline with Maze" is my oldest example (still here) a rough for the larger world (Art Nouveau Dreamship & Maze) below.

Snapshot of vrml world featuring a Maze and a Zepline.

Virtual sculpture pieces /     installations

inquiries to webmaster for a  hard-space realization welcomed)

"The Broken Dreams of the Knights of the Cross Potent".

Snap of virtual sculpture of a broken dome in a hulk of a boat raised up on a frame.

Snap of virtual sculpture of a army tank above a freestanding doorway 

" An overbearing feeling"
The original 3D model of the "IS-4" kindly
provided by

 "Fox on a Moonless Night."
Original design © 2 April 1993}

[ Textured with
Universal Media.]

"The ANZAC's Unease "
A virtual installation or simply a little surrealism 'on the beach'.
{ANZAC = Australian & New Zealand Army Corps }

Snap of virtual sculpture of a Wooden Kangaroo afixed to the top of jutebox with a clock where the record changer would normally be.

Snap of virtual island of a broken dome in a hulk of a boat raised up on a frame.

The Island setting for "The Gates of Hell"
Still a work in progress. It started life a design project for bronze doors in a competition commemorating Dante's "Divine Comedy"
Original design of 'Gates of Hell' by me, © 1993}

Visual music sketches.


" Sket01 " first of some sketches for a visual music VR work in progress. NOTE: It may take a little while to load first-time up, but then loops around. 

For an explanation & background about Vizsic (Visual Music)
check-out Vizsic pages.

One of the greatest developments for VRML in the last couple of years is Universal Media (UM) . Put simple the concept is to store textures locally, retrieving them using dynamically mapped cross-platform file location fields called URNs. A Universal Media "savvy" browser ' will resolve the URN, dragging the texture from a local hard drive or across the net (blaxxun Contact did UM very well).  Because the location  can vary from box to box, Urns give one a platform-independent mechanism for specifying local media across any computer.

To learn more, visit the Universal Media working group at:

Dusk among the Rusty Megaliths.
First world I enhanced with
Universal Media.

Dusk among the rusty megaliths

Art Nouveau dreamship over a maze

Art Nouveau Dreamship & Maze , a larger, darker version of earlier sketch, more complex including animation( the animation unfortunately does not work on some older not fully compliant vrml viewers) .
HINT = in the maze there is only one of each of the Celtic knot plaques.
The Art Nouveau Dreamship original designed by me, for my short-film "Symbolist Daydream" © 1977}

Beware the Grass latest (6 June 2003) complicated virtual world.. It uncompresses to well over 3 Meg. (Compresssed file = 409 KB). 


Traditionally the temptation at this point, would be to do a page of links to the many other great vrml sites. Then I found Kelzone an extensive collection of links to individual pages, as well as every major vrml portal on the web. Unfortunately it is no longer


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