# 4 years as CSO4 Business Systems Analyst [detailed in appendix 'E'].
# 3.3 years as CSO4 Expert System Officer [detailed in appendix '
# Technical consultant on the CIS (Customer Information System) pilot. A Multimedia, touch screen, PC based information kiosk.

# Staticial programming (SAS) of participant survey, and usage traces.

# MHS-net and Unix system administration of RTA, internet / email gateway.

# Managing the Design, Building & Implementation of the ProFiSy expert system for capital works ranking.
ProFiSy has been implemented on UNIX workstations and features-

    * a user friendly Graphic User Interface ( Motif/X-Windows ),
    * a fast 'C' based expert system inference engine.
    * User access the system from PCs running X-Windows.

# A Year and a month as CSO2 Planning & Control Officer.
Building, Designing, Maintaining small Oracle DBs for Standards distribution.
Firstly assisting and then leading R.T.A. Expert System Proof of Concept Project.(that became ProFiSy) General research for the above.

# The R.T.A. computing environment is the largest commercial Unix site in the Southern Hemisphere with approximately 5,000 user connected to various Unix mainframes (FUJITSU M780 & M760) and Unix workstations (Apollo DN3500 DN4500, HP7000, Acer386 & Acer486). utilizing various flavours of Unix (UTMS, Sys5.3, BSD4.3, SCO ODT1.1). The authority access these facilities from Dos PC(s) and a few X-terminals.

My work entailed the use of a variety of Dos packages, Mainframe applications and Unix tools(vi, grep...) available here. Such as :

Unix utilities (in BSD4.3, Sys5.3 & Apollo Domain 10.4)
X-windows & Motif utilities (xterm, xload, mwm etc.)
Oracle tools ( SQL database access and report writing tools)

Eshell/X ( FUJITSU Lisp based Backboarding Expert System Shell)
Nexpert ( Expert System Shell )

Word5 ( Microsoft's Dos Word Processor )
Timeline ( Project Management Software )
SAS ( Statistical Analysis System )


# Five years in Computer Services Branch of ABS in general programming duties, involving development writing, testing and documenting for camera-ready tables, graphs and photocompositions for publications and management information systems.

# Acting as a Class 4 in the USER SUPPORT area, where I needed to possess a high degree of computing experience to allow me to assist users to solve their computing problems ranging from simple editing problems at a terminal to debugging programs of various languages and difficulty.

# As a Class 4 then Acting CSO1 in the PROGRAMMING area, maintaining and supporting National Systems. (New Motor Vehicles Registrations and Award Rates of Pay Index).

# Filled numerous adhoc requests for other such things as development of computer generated logos & maps and consultation on development of Computer Graphic Publication Standards in the office.

# The A.B.S. computing environment was a terminal based system utilizing both online and batch facilities connected through a network to a FUJITSU M382 in Canberra, entailing my use of a large number of computer packages and utilities which were available there. Such as :

SAS ( Statistical Analysis System )
SAS/GRAPH ( SAS Graphic extension )
TPL ( Table Producing Language )
JOL ( Job Organization Language )
TSS ( Time Sharing System )
PREDIT ( COBOL Command Pre-processor )
NATURAL ( 4GL for ADABAS Database )

# My duties also involved work on MICRO's (IBM PC & OLIVETTI M24's using PCDOS & MSDOS running BASIC, MS.CHART MS.WORD and OLIVETTI M28's running VENTURA) and a MINI (a TEKTRONIX 4170 using CPM/86 running FORTRAN IGL and BASIC).

# 5 months as Assistant Network Controller responsible for installation, maintenance, of hardware in Sydney Office of ABS. Installed a CT.Network , a Bayan Lan, X25 Network, Telex Controller, terminals & printer . Supervision and training of the three Operations Staff.

# Development of Barcode generator written in PASCAL to run on micros, sending a POSTSCRIPT output-files to an Apple Laserwriter.

ADP EXPERIENCEprior to joining the A.B.S

# 6 months on a PDP 11/GT40 developing heuristics programs in BASIC and FORTRAN IV for generating sculptural and film designs. ( While studying Computer Graphics.)


Experience presenting training course,

# Delivered 28 A.D.P. training courses (equivalent to 45 days) as part of the ABS technical training programmes .
`Basic Computer Concepts II'(P.F.D.) & MICRO Introduction courses put on by C.S.B. for a number of years.

Experience designing and presenting of lectures

# From 1984 to 1989 I was guest lecturering at (N.S.W.I.T.) U.T.S. designing then presenting a course of `Aesthetics for Computer Graphics' to final year computer science students.

# First semester 89, I was a Part-time lecturer at Penrith T.A.F.E. successfully presenting the `Advanced Basic Course.'

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