'SPIDERS' (9 minutes)

The film was the end result of a feasibility study to design a monumental spider web sculpture (approx 40m. high). This projected necessitated learning of computer programming.
The computergraphic software which I wrote in Basic between May & Nov.1976, either generated a display list, or read these list back in real-time for filming. The work was done on a 'Digital G44 Graphic System'(17"black&white vector display, a PDP11/40 with 16K RAM under RT11 operating system).
The film was shot on 16mm black&white stock and handcoloured after processing before release printing. The sound track was done at Cumberland Street Campus of Alexlander Mackie C.A.E. I did most of engineering, mixing and editing, at the time using two Teac 4-track Simul Sinc machines and an 8 track mixer. The finished 1/4" was transferred to 16mm mag. film and edited with image on a "Steenbeck".

(for details of shows and prizes see appendix 'B' )


During 1977 I continued working with experimental video and film, exploring effects like chroma key, quantizers, colourizers etc. In November I was awarded a grant by the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission to complete the film. Its contents is an exploration of symbolist imagery as an expression of a journey of mind and soul in a Art-Nouveau Dreamship through different presentations of a fixed staged reality.
I designed and built the dreamship(63.5 cm.(h) 106.7 cm(w) 88.9 cm(l)) from timber metal & fiberglass in my studio. The dreamship was shot with graphics and effects onto 2" video and edited down at T.P.F (Television Production Facilities Pty. Ltd Paddington) along with the 1/2" 8 track audio we created at Northsound Studio. The final video to film transfer was done by Colourfilm.
The total production of this piece necessitated my working at, and gaining of experience, on a semi/proffesional level.

(for details of shows and prizes see appendix 'B' )

Both films are now included in the Australian `National Film Archives'

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