Appendix 'F' Information Technology Skills Summary

Skills: Consulting, System Specification, Business Systems Analysis, Systems Analysis, Business Analysis, Knowledge Elication, Drafting & Managing:- Expression of Interest & Request For Participation, Tender Selection, Para-legal work (contract drafting), Researching and media scanning, Project Management , Internet & hypermedia skills, User Interface & Human Computer Interface (HCI) design & testing, Computer Programming skills, Graphic & 3D Design skills, Report Writing, Lecturing & Training, Video & Film production skills.

Operating Systems / Environments : Unix, Linux, Windows 3.x , DOS, CPM/86,
TSS ( Time Sharing System (TSO look-alike)

Mainframe Packages : TPL ( Table Producing Language),
JOL ( Job Organization Language, JCL Preprocessor ),
PREDIT ( COBOL Command Pre-processor )

3rd Generation Languages : Fortran , Basic, Cobol, Prolog, C (ineffectual).

4th Generation Languages : Staticial Analyst System (SAS), & SAS-Graph, Oracle (rusty)

5th Generation Languages : Nexpert, a little Lisp

Mark-up Languages: VRML (Virtual Reality Markup Language), HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), Postscript

Computing Packages : Microsoft Word6, Powerpoint, Excel, MS Project
Timeline ( Project Management Software ), Paint-Shop Pro, Corel Draw,

Internet Tools: Hot-Dog Professional, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Cooee, Pegasus, Edora, AOL(editor)

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